Safety of ones pet is very important especially those pet owners who cherish their pets. There are several pet trackers in the market for one to buy. These tracker s help dog owners to keep track of their dogs or pets where about because there comes a time when the pet can go a stray from the owner’s vicinity. GPS dog collar helps the owner to locate and bring the dog home or the owner quickly. The pet tracker and GPS dog collar are available in form of the user’s specification and preference.  Have singled out some of the best pet trackers and GPS dog collar.

  1. CY 3G Waterproof pet GPS Tracker

It is among the limited number in the market of waterproof. The tracker is suitable for dogs which are bigger in size and it is among the best because it gives real time and the exact place and route that the pet followed to enable the owner trace the pet on time. There are several features that are exciting about this tracker which are a WI-FI fence that will alert the owner vie the alarm that it will raise at the smartphone when the pet has gone the specified radius of vicinity. It also has a smart LED light that turns on automatically when the dark hits.

  1. Aribelly PET GPS Tracker Mini

The tracker is smaller in size that makes it suitable to fit on the dog without straining. The tracker gives real time location which keeps the on track on its pet wherever it goes. The tracker gives the pet’s real time location on mobile app and sms, it has LED light that can be set to turn on with smartphones, it can set a fence and gives alert whenever the pet has gone beyond it and one can see the street around here the pet is. See more :

  • Daxin smart GPS Tracker

The tracker works better with Googlemaps that give the owner the last location. The partnership with Google maps enables the owner to know the exact position of the pet.  The tracker has the latest Bluetooth technology and an app that notifies the pet location within 80 feet. A smartphone is important because it is the one that notifies you when the pet has gone beyond the required feet. The tracker comes with variety of colors that suits ones desires, and also it can be easily be compatible with android phones and iPhones.

  1. Dynotgag Web/GPS Enabled QR code smart pet Tag

The tracker is considered as the most suitable pet or dog tracker because it has a GPS dog tag with specialized code known as the QR code when scanned provides complete pet information. When it is scanned it gives the tag location to the owner. It is suitable because has no batteries since it is a tag. The owner can track the pet’s location when it is scanned. The tag is durable, waterproof and stainless. It has a lifetime subscription to pet information.





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Out of the Dog House and Into the Fun

My family loves Halloween because it’s our dad’s birthday.  We’ve decided to have a LEGO themed party for Halloween.  LEGO has been a part of our family’s fun since my parents were little kids.   We played with their sets as kids, until we started losing the parts.  They were put away in the attic and we played with new sets of our own.  When the LEGO theme park opened near our house in southern California, we couldn’t wait to get there and enjoy all the fun, rides and excitement.  It was the first one built outside Europe, since the original opened in 1968 in Billund, Denmark – home of LEGO.  We are now the third generation to enjoy everything LEGO from bricks, sets, and figures from themed movies to action figures, Disney castles on down to the LEGO keychain that holds the keys to our new home.  But if you include our puppy Pluto, there are four generations in on the fun.  To celebrate the addition of our little rescued puppy we used a Groupon and bought a LEGO DUPLO All-in-One gift set for our granddaughter, because the little dog in it looks just like Pluto.



We’ve already taken him to the vet to be fitted with a chip.  We regret not doing it for Buster, our dog who ran away.  He was gone for weeks before finally making his way back home with the help of a stranger who saw our flyers posted near his home.  Had Buster been outfitted with a chip, we could have used it to find him with GPS.  Using a smartphone, there are apps that not only let you locate your pet quickly, but you can also find the nearest emergency vet if they are sick or injured.  We think the shock of firecrackers that started going off a few days before the July 4th holiday sent him into a panic and he took off.  He was found hurt from an accident or a fight, hungry and dirty, crouching in thick ivy at the home of someone who was kind enough to seek medical aid for him.  We were overjoyed when he called us from the vet’s office.  Now Buster’s back home, with a chip imbedded that will help us track him quickly if this ever happens again.

In the meantime, the two doggies are looking after each other, and bring us lots of joy.  We can’t wait to show them off to our friends at the party this month.  The DUPLO set will be a great surprise for our little granddaughter.  It includes bricks she can use to build a shelter for the little dog, a tree, and a little cat for added fun.  We’ve even found the missing parts to our parents old set.  After all these years, we can finally get out of the dog house.…

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Veterinarian Apps for GPS Devices

Today, there are veterinarian apps for GPS devices, smartphones, laptops, net-books and regular PCs. Vets and those who have pets should take advantage of all the new software that’s available. Here’s a look at what there is to choose from.

For Lost Pets

One system for pet tracking has been in place for a number of years. The system requires inserting a microchip beneath the dog’s skin. The microchip can be scanned to learn the identity of the dog and information about the owner.

The idea behind the system is that lost pets can be reunited with their owners more quickly. Many vets, most animal shelters, and a number of animal pounds have the scanning devices. But the system requires that the dog turns up in a location that has the device. In the meantime, anything could happen to the dog.

The latest system does not require insertion of a microchip. A tag on the animal’s collar is used to track the pet’s location. This is one of the more unique GPS applications. The owner uses a computer to set safe locations. If a dog wanders out of those safe boundaries, the owner is sent a text message or an email.

Companies that make these systems provide support. When the owner is notified that the pet has strayed, they can call a toll free number. Turn-by-turn directions will be provided to quickly reunite the pet with its owner. This system makes use of the same satellites we use in our cars for directions.

For Tracking Hunting Dogs

A similar system is available for people who hunt with dogs. This is a two-part system that includes a collar and a handheld device. The hunter can follow the dog’s progress through the handheld. Nearest roads and trails are displayed. The devices vary in price depending on the functionality. Many people are having trouble looking for their pets because they don’t use this tracking device which is the GPS dog collar. It is really important to have this for your pets in order to keep them safe.

For Locating a Vet

One of the popular but unique GPS applications allows pet owners to locate a veterinarian’s office quickly. Your location can be programmed into the app and automatically updated. When you need to get to a vet quickly, you can use the app to find the nearest location and to learn about the hours. Emergency veterinarian clinics are usually displayed first with these applications.

For the Veterinarian

Today’s vets need to be competitive. By offering their patients’ owners all of the techie gadgets we have today, the vet has the competitive edge they need. By implementing and maintaining an accurate database, vets can get in touch with owners and let them know when the latest veterinarian apps for GPS devices become available.

To find more opportunities concerning GPS and its many uses please visit our blog post area or search more from the Internet if you will not be satisfied by the information given.

Check out with for more informations and help.…

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The Importance of Using A Pet GPS

Every week, about 2,500 dogs and 3,000 cats go missing from their homes in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, only 17% of dogs and 2% of cats are ever returned to their owners after getting lost. Losing a cat or dog is a nightmare for a pet owner, as it can take weeks to find a pet, causing emotional stress for the whole family. Fortunately, the technology of today is advanced enough that you can plan ahead for this kind of problem with a  GPS dog collar system.

The same GPS technology that your car uses to give you directions is used to ensure that your pets never get lost. There are a couple of options you have after making the decision to use GPS tracking on your dog or cat. You can choose to get a chip embedded in your pets skin, which requires a brief medical procedure. These chips last for your pet’s lifetime and never need to be replaced. If you ever lose your pet, your veterinarian’s office will be able to track them down.

Another option is to use a household GPS system for your pet. These systems come with a handheld device for you to track your pet with and a small tag for your pet to wear. The tags for any system are designed to be comfortable and lightweight for your pet and fit on the collar that they already wear. The handheld device will show you a map of where your pet is or give you other visual and audio clues to tell you where it went.

Some systems use technology similar to your vet’s office. If you’re willing to pay a monthly fee, you can track your pet on your computer or your smart phone. A map of your neighborhood will appear online and you have the power to set a safety zone for your pet. If your pet ever wanders too far from home, you will get an automatic text message to your phone and email with driving directions leading you right to your pet.

Pet GPS systems are particularly important for hunting and farming dogs. These dogs cover a huge amount of land and have very specific jobs to do. There are GPS systems specific to hunting dogs that can tell you where your dog is, where your dog has been, and whether your dog is resting or has spotted prey. This kind of information is vital to hunters and can make the experience more productive and enjoyable.

Make sure that your pet has a collar with all of the correct information in case he or she ever does get lost. Pets without collars drastically reduce their chances of finding their families. With updated information on a collar and one of the pet GPS systems, you can feel safe and secure knowing that you will always be able to find your pet. More details here:

Those who have outdoor dogs can use a GPS dog collar to ensure that their pets make it back inside the house at the end of the day. Those who live in cities can make sure that their dogs haven’t roamed far from the apartment. Whether you have house cats or hunting dogs, a GPS system can really protect your investment. With the growing statistics of missing dogs, using a GPS system is a great way to ensure safety and many more enjoyable years with your pets.…

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GPS Dog Tracking – The Perfect Pet Safety Solution

When your adorable pet gets lost, it can create as much of panic and tension in your mind as it is created during the missing of any near and dear onesfrom your family. After GPS dog tag receivers being miniaturized it is now possible to get such a device attached on their collar to have them tracked down when they are missing. More researches are being conducted to improve its qualities and techniques of operation.

Something called a Pet Detective can be very useful in saving power from the batteries attached to the collar of the dog. It has an antenna attached to it which helps it receive signals from a very tiny base station. It can work maximally up till a diameter of 300 feet. If the dog is out of this radius of fixed diameter, then this device works with help of GPS satellite and the transmission of signal gets done through a GSM modem to provide information about the location of the dog. The presence of a strobe light makes it visible even from a distance of 100 yards when the device is in the mode of lost pet.

You as an owner will immediately get to know about the status of your lost dog through a mobile message, email, or fax when the charge of the battery is getting low. So that you are not running out of battery, the base station acts like a battery charger with two rechargeable batteries always at service.

It has been so designed that power conservation is not a very big issue. The small part of the firmware and antenna remains on, while all the other parts are turned off when the unit receives the base signal. This is exactly how power conservation is achieved.

There may be other GPS tracking devices that may not use the modem of a cell phone. Instead they may make use of the MURS band of frequency 154.6 MHz, which means that it can track down the dog within a distance as big as a mile. This also has the advantage that is, you can choose to use this device anywhere under the sun where it is impossible to find mobile phone network. No additional charges for communication are required to be paid here.

In some devices VHF radio signals are used to transmit the information of the dog. The GPS dog tracker can exactly determine the location, speed, and position of the dog to the owner over a colored LCD screen. Some of the efficient dog tracking systems can track down three pets at one point of time accurately.

More developments are being done in this area. If you constantly remain in worry when you are out with your little dog, then perhaps you need this device to help you relax a bit.

Get the truth about GPS Dog tracking systems! Our GPS dog tracking collars protect your pet 24-7. Find your pet instantly! We also offer affordable GPS dog tracking Systems information. Visit our site blog posts & learn why a local uses these products.…

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