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Out of the Dog House and Into the Fun

My family loves Halloween because it’s our dad’s birthday.  We’ve decided to have a LEGO themed party for Halloween.  LEGO has been a part of our family’s fun since my parents were little kids.   We played with their sets as kids, until we started losing the parts.  They were put away in the attic and we played with new sets of our own.  When the LEGO theme park opened near our house in southern California, we couldn’t wait to get there and enjoy all the fun, rides and excitement.  It was the first one built outside Europe, since the original opened in 1968 in Billund, Denmark – home of LEGO.  We are now the third generation to enjoy everything LEGO from bricks, sets, and figures from themed movies to action figures, Disney castles on down to the LEGO keychain that holds the keys to our new home.  But if you include our puppy Pluto, there are four generations in on the fun.  To celebrate the addition of our little rescued puppy we used a Groupon and bought a LEGO DUPLO All-in-One gift set for our granddaughter, because the little dog in it looks just like Pluto.



We’ve already taken him to the vet to be fitted with a chip.  We regret not doing it for Buster, our dog who ran away.  He was gone for weeks before finally making his way back home with the help of a stranger who saw our flyers posted near his home.  Had Buster been outfitted with a chip, we could have used it to find him with GPS.  Using a smartphone, there are apps that not only let you locate your pet quickly, but you can also find the nearest emergency vet if they are sick or injured.  We think the shock of firecrackers that started going off a few days before the July 4th holiday sent him into a panic and he took off.  He was found hurt from an accident or a fight, hungry and dirty, crouching in thick ivy at the home of someone who was kind enough to seek medical aid for him.  We were overjoyed when he called us from the vet’s office.  Now Buster’s back home, with a chip imbedded that will help us track him quickly if this ever happens again.

In the meantime, the two doggies are looking after each other, and bring us lots of joy.  We can’t wait to show them off to our friends at the party this month.  The DUPLO set will be a great surprise for our little granddaughter.  It includes bricks she can use to build a shelter for the little dog, a tree, and a little cat for added fun.  We’ve even found the missing parts to our parents old set.  After all these years, we can finally get out of the dog house.