Safety of ones pet is very important especially those pet owners who cherish their pets. There are several pet trackers in the market for one to buy. These tracker s help dog owners to keep track of their dogs or pets where about because there comes a time when the pet can go a stray from the owner’s vicinity. GPS dog collar helps the owner to locate and bring the dog home or the owner quickly. The pet tracker and GPS dog collar are available in form of the user’s specification and preference.  Have singled out some of the best pet trackers and GPS dog collar.

  1. CY 3G Waterproof pet GPS Tracker

It is among the limited number in the market of waterproof. The tracker is suitable for dogs which are bigger in size and it is among the best because it gives real time and the exact place and route that the pet followed to enable the owner trace the pet on time. There are several features that are exciting about this tracker which are a WI-FI fence that will alert the owner vie the alarm that it will raise at the smartphone when the pet has gone the specified radius of vicinity. It also has a smart LED light that turns on automatically when the dark hits.

  1. Aribelly PET GPS Tracker Mini

The tracker is smaller in size that makes it suitable to fit on the dog without straining. The tracker gives real time location which keeps the on track on its pet wherever it goes. The tracker gives the pet’s real time location on mobile app and sms, it has LED light that can be set to turn on with smartphones, it can set a fence and gives alert whenever the pet has gone beyond it and one can see the street around here the pet is. See more : http://www.qualitydogfence.com/.

  • Daxin smart GPS Tracker

The tracker works better with Googlemaps that give the owner the last location. The partnership with Google maps enables the owner to know the exact position of the pet.  The tracker has the latest Bluetooth technology and an app that notifies the pet location within 80 feet. A smartphone is important because it is the one that notifies you when the pet has gone beyond the required feet. The tracker comes with variety of colors that suits ones desires, and also it can be easily be compatible with android phones and iPhones.

  1. Dynotgag Web/GPS Enabled QR code smart pet Tag

The tracker is considered as the most suitable pet or dog tracker because it has a GPS dog tag with specialized code known as the QR code when scanned provides complete pet information. When it is scanned it gives the tag location to the owner. It is suitable because has no batteries since it is a tag. The owner can track the pet’s location when it is scanned. The tag is durable, waterproof and stainless. It has a lifetime subscription to pet information.