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Veterinarian Apps for GPS Devices

Today, there are veterinarian apps for GPS devices, smartphones, laptops, net-books and regular PCs. Vets and those who have pets should take advantage of all the new software that’s available. Here’s a look at what there is to choose from.

For Lost Pets

One system for pet tracking has been in place for a number of years. The system requires inserting a microchip beneath the dog’s skin. The microchip can be scanned to learn the identity of the dog and information about the owner.

The idea behind the system is that lost pets can be reunited with their owners more quickly. Many vets, most animal shelters, and a number of animal pounds have the scanning devices. But the system requires that the dog turns up in a location that has the device. In the meantime, anything could happen to the dog.

The latest system does not require insertion of a microchip. A tag on the animal’s collar is used to track the pet’s location. This is one of the more unique GPS applications. The owner uses a computer to set safe locations. If a dog wanders out of those safe boundaries, the owner is sent a text message or an email.

Companies that make these systems provide support. When the owner is notified that the pet has strayed, they can call a toll free number. Turn-by-turn directions will be provided to quickly reunite the pet with its owner. This system makes use of the same satellites we use in our cars for directions.

For Tracking Hunting Dogs

A similar system is available for people who hunt with dogs. This is a two-part system that includes a collar and a handheld device. The hunter can follow the dog’s progress through the handheld. Nearest roads and trails are displayed. The devices vary in price depending on the functionality. Many people are having trouble looking for their pets because they don’t use this tracking device which is the GPS dog collar. It is really important to have this for your pets in order to keep them safe.

For Locating a Vet

One of the popular but unique GPS applications allows pet owners to locate a veterinarian’s office quickly. Your location can be programmed into the app and automatically updated. When you need to get to a vet quickly, you can use the app to find the nearest location and to learn about the hours. Emergency veterinarian clinics are usually displayed first with these applications.

For the Veterinarian

Today’s vets need to be competitive. By offering their patients’ owners all of the techie gadgets we have today, the vet has the competitive edge they need. By implementing and maintaining an accurate database, vets can get in touch with owners and let them know when the latest veterinarian apps for GPS devices become available.

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